Fishe Market-old

I have designed my fish room and manage my stock to maintain specific species and tanks so that you can be confident that you know what your are buying.

Most of the Cichlids I sell are juveniles. I raise the fish to at least 1.25 inch to assure they are healthy and will survive in your tank. I sell them by specific breed and size. Generally fish for sale are between 1.25 inches to 2.5 inches in length. They are not big enough to tell if they are male or female.

Typically bigger fish cost more because of the time and care required to raise them. Most cichlid keepers buy 6 packs of juveniles to assure they get a mix of Male and females.  When buying juveniles I recommend integrating them in a tank with similar size fish or keeping them in a separate grow out tank.


This is what is currently available for sale as of  5/1/2016

I usually also have select males available. You can check them out when you come to the Very Fishe Room

Common NameSpeciesSmallRegular MediumLargeNotes 
Red Top Lwanda Aulonocara $7$10$35Red Top Lwanda
Yellow BlazeOtopharynx Lithobates $7$11Yellow Blaze
Blue DolphinCyrtocara moorii $10$25$45Show Male $65
Blue Dolphin
Flavescent Aulonocara stuartgranti
Blue Orchard Aulonocara Kandeense
$45Blue Orchid kandeense
Red Fin BorleyiCopadichromis $9*5 Pack $35
Red Fin Borelyi
White Knight
Sciaenochromis fryeri
8$12$45White Knights
Twain ReefProtomelas $7$15Twain Reef
Dragon BloodPeacock $7$25Dragon Blood Profile
Eureka RedAulonocara jacobfreibergi
$7Group 5x 3" -1M 5F $85
6x 1.25" Pack $36
Eureka Red
Blue NeonAulonocara stuartgranti $9$15Blue Neon

Aulonocara baenschi
$76x 1.25" Pack $36
Sunshine Baenschi-Benga

Most cichlids sold in pet stores are 2 -2.5 inches in size. I sell my fish smaller because of the demand for these fish and because they integrate in a community tank better at smaller sizes. These fish grow so fast, the initial size is less relevant to the quality of genetics and rarity of species. My Regular sized fish will measure between the width of a quarter and the width of a $.50 cent piece. The dynamics of the size is manifested when you know that a 2 inch fish will appear to be 3-4 times the mass of a 1.25 inch fish, since it is not just longer but deeper and thicker and the color is often more robust.


This is how Fish are sized:

Small: 1 inch
Regular: 1.25 -2.25 inches
Medium: 2.5 – 3.5 inches – Young Adults
Large/Show: 3.75-5/ 5+ inches – Adults