Fluval FX5 Review

Fluval FX5 Review

The Fluval FX5 is a huge capacity, multi-stage external canister filter system. It’s been around for a number of years and it will enable you to precisely manage the water conditions of large aquariums (up to 400 gallons). You don’t need to manually siphon this canister filter because it has a self-priming instant start system.

The water flow is being regulated by the unique click-fit AquaStop valves which rotates at 55 degree angles. Just use the purge valve for partial discharge of debris so you don’t have to move the unit.

Advanced Filtration System

The Fluval FX5 canister has an advanced filtration mechanism that allows for maximum performance and incredible control for different water features and characteristics. It also boasts a multi-stage system which enables you to batch together different kinds of filtration media. The accurate combination of such media yields the best results for your type of aquarium. The system will definitely ensure infinite flexibility in the aspect of providing an ideal environment for your fish that can be easily maintained.

High Capacity Canister

The large capacity canister of the Fluval FX5 is capable of filtering 536 gallons of aquarium water per hour. This is mostly thanks to the mighty motor processing technology that’s integrated with the system. Such performance will enable operators of large water tanks to manage the conditions of their aquariums that can accommodate up to 400 gallons of water. The Fluval FX5 can also store up to 1.5 gallons of different filtration media. This may sound overwhelming, but the unit, is quite compact as you can see it fit under any mainstream aquarium cabinet.

Stacking Media Baskets

This is what makes the multi-stage filtration work so well. The Media baskets are large capacity containers which allow the stacking of filtration media possible. You can combine and stack together several media that will fit your aquarium’s specifications. The baskets are equipped with foam inserts which allow good mechanical pre-filtering processes. T-handles let you lift the baskets with ease, making the maintenance of the system fairly easy.

Smart Pump Technology

Using Fluval’s innovative Smart Pump Technology, FX5 can be plugged in by you and then started up with a relatively easy. This is a very convenient feature for busy owners and operators. This self-priming system means that you need not much effort to begin the necessary processes to clean the tank. Once you have initiated start-up, the canister fills with water, which then stops for a second to empty it with air and then continues with the filtering procedure until you unplug the unit. Expect that, for every 24 hours, the filter will stop momentarily to allow the air to escape. This means that the filtration system performs at its maximum and peak performance every single time it goes to work.

Click-Fit Connectors

The Fluval FX5 canister comes with these Click-fit connectors which are responsible for the easy and quick set up of the filtration system. It also provides for a virtually leak-proof maintenance which will truly give the owners or operators some piece of mind while the FX5 performs its tasks. They are called “click-fit” connectors because you will hear a clicking sound once the intake and output assemblies are secure, fastened perfectly and won’t let any water out. This is further supplemented with the Aqua Stop Valves which rotate 360 degrees and are conveniently placed at 55 degree angles for fast and comfortable positioning. Flow control mechanisms also monitor water flow that prevents any harm done to the unit’s motor.

What About The Complaints?

Of course the Fluval FX5 is not perfect. But be careful of the negative reviews you’ll read online because majority of the people who have complained are using this 400-gallon canister filter for their 100-gallon tanks. If you have a small tank then you might want to take a look at another canister filter because the Fluval FX5 pumps over 900 gallons per hour! The bubbles in a smaller tank are being created and before they have a chance to ‘pop’ it will produce more from the amount of circulation.

Another thing you want to take note is that you should NOT use polishing pads. Doing this will start to produce air bubbles that build up in the canister filter thus hugely affecting its performance. Use a filter pad will clog up the FX5 and reduce performance.  Add another filer for fine water polishing such as the Aquaclear 110