125 Gallon Project

The 125 Gallon Project

It had to happen when you have MTSMultiple Tanks Syndrome you have to join the 6 foot club. Yes, the tank is 72″x 18″x 23″ and is perfect for just about any fish a Fish Geek would want to keep.  Here is teh details you need to know.


Tank Profile

Tank: 125 gallon 72″x 18″x 23″

Top : Glass lids 3x

Light: 2 x 36 inch florescent – nothing fancy

Filtration:      Fluval FX5 – Read

Aquaclear 110 HOB

Hydro-Sponge V (4”h x 5 3/4” dia. sponge)

Substrate: 100 lbs of Pool Filter Sand


125 Craig’s List Pickup


125 Build Out



Initial Fish Stocking


Adding to an Established Tank