The Very Fishe Room

Welcome to the Very Fishe Room. This is where is all happens.

Fish Room Panorama 1

I had a vision and it got a little out of hand. I decide to build a fish room to enjoy my hobby. I custom designed the room specifically to keep and breed African Cichlids. One of the key factors in raising quality fish is the quality of the water. To keep water quality high requires frequent water changes and clean tanks. One of my design goals was to minimize the time and effort to perform water changes. I also wanted to enjoy watching the fish grow and develop rather then trying to cram as many tanks into the space as possible. I decided to use 40 Breed and 20 long tanks as they are standard size and are readily available from the big box stores.

The Very Fishe Rack design

Fish Room_1066


After the initial rack build I have added several more tanks including a 125 show tank to display all the cool fish that I have breed

125 Show Tank
125 Show tank

125 Show Tank



One thing lead to another and I add a few more tanks included a 75 gallon tank and a rack with a 29 gallon and 20 gallon long tank

75 and 29 racks

75 and 29 racks



















Here is the slide show of the Very Fishe Room build or you can click thru the slide show


Initial Operation of the Fish Rack

The Sump